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The Price Trend of Polyaluminium Chloride

Polyaluminium chloride abbreviated as PAC, which is a kind of polyhydroxy, polynuclear complex cationic inorganic polymer flocculant, usually also called basic aluminium chloride or coagulant. Liquid product is a colorless, pale yellow, pale gray or brown transparent or translucent liquid, no precipitation. Solid product is white, light gray, light yellow or brown grain or powder. Different colors of polyaluminium chloride on the application and production technology has a greater difference.
White PACalso called polymeric flocculant. Itis made of aluminum hydroxide powder with high purity hydrochloric acid by spray drying process and become a kind of white or milky white powder fine powder, white polyaluminium chloride is used for paper sizing agent, sugar decoloring clarificant, tanning, medicine, cosmetics, precision casting and water treatment and other fields.
The raw material of yellow PAC is calcium aluminate powder, hydrochloric acid, baux ite, mainly used for sewage disposal and drinking water treatment.
The raw material of brown PAC is aluminate powder, hydrochloric acid, bauxite, iron powder. Production process is the use of drum drying method and it is mainly used for sewage treatment.

Price trend
Basicity of Polyaluminium chloride is relatively important indicators of poly aluminum, especially for water level of poly aluminum products.Basicity is lower, the price is higher. Also different materials, different process production processing of polyaluminium chloride product basicity is different, this will require PAC manufacturers to adjust. Improve thebasicityof polyaluminium chloride products, can significantly improve the production and use of economic benefits. Basicity from 65% to 92%, raw material cost can be reduced by 20%, the use-cost can be reduced by 40%.

In recent years,in the background of the revitalization of industry environmental protection, the practice of sewage treatment for first-tier and second-tier cities is promote the development of environmental protection industry and the development of the upstream and downstream enterprises. Polyaluminium chloride as a commonly used water purifier in wastewater industry,with the introduction of national policy, sewage treatment industry, and water purification agent, more and more manufacturers began to appear then result in oversupply. But the price of the hydrochloric acid on the basis of RMB 10yuan to 20 yuan rose to 80 yuan to 120 yuan, and with thecalcium powder’s price is rising, resulting in a greater impact on the entire water purifying lead PAC prices rose by 100 yuan to 150 yuan (industrial-grade PAC’s factory price directly from the original 980 yuan/ton rose to 1100 yuan/ton), the price of polyaluminium chloride is rise above 8%, the whole polyaluminium chloride market began to appear strained resources, price trend apparent in the next two months, the price of polyaluminium chloride (PAC)will continue to rise.


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