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Introduction to Acrylamide(AM)

Acrylamide is an organic compound, alias AM; Occupational exposure is mainly seen in the synthesis of acrylamide and the synthesis of resins, adhesives, etc. There are also opportunities for contact in underground construction, improved soil, paint, papermaking and garment processing industries. In daily life, acrylamide can be found in smoking, high-temperature processed starch foods and drinking water.

Acrylamide is not only used for the determination of the relative molecular mass, but also used to adjust the water absorption profile of the oil injection wells in the oil field. This product is mixed with initiators,etc.,and injected into the highly penetrating layers of injection wells to polymerize into high-viscosity polymers.Besides,studies have shown that "acrylamide" is widely present in many processed foods. It is not an additive or ingredient in food, but is naturally formed as a by-product whenever a carbohydrate-rich food is cooked or heated at high temperatures.

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