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About Potassium Polyacrylate(KPAM)

A non-toxic, non-corrosive well wall stabilizer for drilling fluids. Potassium polyacrylate is soluble in water. It is a widely used and ideal well wall stabilizer. The appearance of white or light yellow powder.The Chinese alias is a homopolymer of potassium 2-acrylate; K-PAM.

KPAM is Used for downhole non-dispersed low solids slurry, shear dilution of polymer systems, and anti-collapse flocculation.This product is a non-toxic, non-corrosive, widely used well wall stabilizer. It has the functions of inhibiting the shale and cuttings dispersion, reducing loss of water, improving flow pattern and increasing lubrication. KPAM can effectively inhibit the formation of slurry and can be combined with a variety of treatment agents. It can improve the rheological properties of the drilling fluid, effectively coating drill cuttings, and inhibiting stratum formation. The presence of potassium ions can prevent the hydration and exfoliation of soft shale and brittle-hard shale and stabilize the borehole wall. It has good compatibility with other treatment agents and can be used in non-dispersed drilling fluids and dispersed drilling fluid systems.

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