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Use of zwitterionic polyacrylamide

The zwitterionic polyacrylamide is used for the treatment of domestic sewage and organic wastewater. The product is positive in the compound or alkaline medium, so that the sewage with suspended charge in the sewage is flocculated and precipitated, and the clarification is very effective.

For example, the production of grain alcohol wastewater, papermaking wastewater, wastewater from municipal wastewater treatment plants, cationic polyacrylamide is several times or several times higher than that of anionic, nonionic polyacrylamide or inorganic salts, because such wastewater is generally With a negative charge.The zwitterionic polyacrylamide is used in the treatment of flocculating agent for tap water using river water as a water source, and the dosage is small, the effect is good, and the cost is low.

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