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Introduction of anionic PAM

Anionic Polyacrylamide (APAM), molecular weight from 6 million to 25 million. According to the different application and user’s different requirements to the product properties, we can choose different molecular weight. APAM can dissolve in water at arbitrary proportion and insoluble in organic solvent. In neutral alkaline medium, it shows characteristics of the high polymer electrolyte, sensitive with salts electrolyte, crosslink with high metal ion and become insoluble gel.
Main scope of application:
1.     Industrial waste water treatment. It has better treatment effect to thicker suspended particle, high concentrated, ionic and water at PH 7-14 neutral or alkaline wastewater, such as iron and steel waste water, enterprise of metallurgical coal washing wastewater and sewage treatment.
2.     Drinking water treatment. In our country, most of the water source in many water plants is from river and lake, so sediment and mineral content is high. Although it is precipitated and filtrated, it can’t reach the standard and still need add flocculent. Using anionic polyacrylamide as flocculent, the dosing quantity is only 2%-5% of the inorganic flocculent, but effect is dozens of times than inorganic solvent, especially our company’s polyacrylamide, its residual monomer has reached food grade (less than 0.05%), close to the international advanced level, non-toxicity and more suitable for drinking water treatment, what’s more, using together with anionic polyacrylamide has a better effect on treating organic polluted river water.
3.     Used for alcohol plant and starch factory for the recovery of loss distillers' grains and starch. Nowadays, a lot of starch factory discharged waste water in high starch content, so it affects the environment and waste resources. Adding APAM make starch precipitate and then press sediment into cake as feed.
4.     Used as oil displacement agent of Tertiary oil recovery: ultra-high molecular weight 17 million to 25 million anionic PAM.
5.     Used as paper-making addictives. Anionic PAM has wide usage in paper-making field, can be used as long fiber paper dispersing agent, dry wet strengthening agent and papermaking wastewater flocculating agent