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Water retaining agent component in concrete admixture

The water retaining agent uses a highly water-absorptive resin, which is a functional polymer material having a particularly high water absorption capacity. In the industrial aspect, it can be widely used in petrochemical, cable, paper, fiber products, cosmetics, food preservation and so on.

Domestically produced water retention agents are mostly products of sodium polyacrylate. Its main features are: high water absorption rate, fast water absorption, but water retention performance can only be maintained for 2 years. According to afforestation experiments, the water absorption capacity and water absorption rate of such products are significantly higher than those of polyacrylamide products. Since sodium polyacrylate causes an increase in the amount of sodium ions in the soil, most manufacturers of water-retaining agents for forestry and agriculture change to produce potassium polyacrylate or ammonium polyacrylate.

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