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Preservation of polyacrylamide in summer

In summer, hot weather has a considerable impact on the normal use of polyacrylamide. Therefore, when we use polyacrylamide, we should pay special attention to the change of weather, so as to avoid the waste of polyacrylamide caused by the change of weather, which leads to the decline of the use effect of polyacrylamide.

Polyacrylamide does not expose to the sun. Polyacrylamide will soften after exposure, and the softened products are easy to cake. Once caked, it will be difficult to dissolve, so we must avoid exposure to the sun.The amount of polyacrylamide is adjusted at any time according to the amount of water in summer flood season. We can't use a technical standard invariably, such as the heavy rainwater will increase the burden of sewage treatment, so we need to increase the use of polyacrylamide.

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