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polyacrylamide is used in polymer flooding technology

  At present, polyacrylamide PAM is widely used in polymer flooding technology. With the promotion of using polymer to the tertiary oil recovery, sewage quantity of tertiary oil recovery gradually increases, while because PAM in sewage can’t be degraded completely then accumulate in the outer environment, it will cause bad environmental pollution. Hence, finding a kind of PAM with high-effective, no secondary pollution is an important researching issue of environmental protectors.
Biodegradation is regarded as high-effective treatment to environmental pollution and due to its mature technology, no secondary pollution and low operating cost, it plays a central role in a variety of difficult harmless treatment field. Biodegradation is the best economic and environment efficiency, the most widely-used sewage treatment to remove organic pollution in sewage.
The biodegradation PAM is mainly affected by PH value, temperature, salt, oxide, nourishment and so on. Biodegradation treatment of oil field can be divided into Aerobic biological treatment and anaerobic biological treatment.
1) Aerobic biological treatment contains activated sludge process and biologic membrane process. In oil field sewage treatment, we normally use batch-type activated sludge process and biologic membrane process is usually used in Biological filter, biological fluidized bed and biological contact oxidation, etc.
Anaerobic biological treatment can degrade high-molecular organic matter in to low-molecular acid and alcohol etc.