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The spray drying polyaluminium chloride: liquid raw material-pressure filtering-Spray tower spray drying-finished product

polyaluminium chloride’s using method:
1.When using, put right amount of product to the water directly then stir strongly to mix with water.
2.Specific drug dosage is determined by the source water; use beaker on flocculation test to ensure the best drug dosage. Polyaluminium chloride’s qualification and application: used in water purification, city sewage treatment, different kinds of industry, chemistry waste water treatment; cement speed setting, casting forming, the material of cosmetics, medicine refined, paper sizing, etc.
3.This product should avoid moisture, but it still can be used after getting moisture and efficacy remains the same.
Polyaluminium chloride is one kind of cationic inorganic polymer flocculant with many polyhydroxy,and nuclear complex bodies, PAC has low irritation to pipe equipment; PAV can be widely used in drinking water, industry water and sewage treatment .