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The main application of Polyacrylamide

This product has high-molecular compound’s solubility and active acyl group in its main chain, so it is widely used in Oil production, water treatment, textile printing and dyeing, paper making, mineral processing, coal washing, medicine, sugar, breeding, building materials, agriculture, etc, is called “ All Additives” & “Universal product”.
Water treatment field: The application of PAM in water treatment industry is mainly including raw water treatment, sewage treatment and industrial water treatment. In raw water treatment, PAM and active carbon used together, can be used in the condensation and defecation of living water; in sewage treatment, PAM can be used for sludge dewatering; in industrial water treatment, PAM is mainly used as formula agent. In raw water treatment, organic flocculant PAM replaces inorganic flocculant makes water purify ability increase by over 20% even though we don’t improve settling basin. Hence, at present many large and medium-size cities use PAM as replacement when water supply is tight or water quality is bad. In sewage treatment, using PAM can increase the utilization rate of water reuse circulation.
2. Oil production field: During the oil exploring, PAM is mainly used in drilling mud materials and improve oil recovery rate, etc, widely used in drilling, completion, cementing, fracturing, enhanced oil recovery, etc oilfield mining operations, has functions of anchoring, fluid loss, rheological regulation, gelling, shunt, profile adjustment, etc. At present, our country’s oil exploring has entered middle and later period. In order to improve raw oil’s recovery rate, now our country mainly promote polymer fuel scavenge and ternary composition fuel scavenge technology. Through putting in polyacrylamide water solubility and improving Oil-water flow ratios to increase crude raw content in its explored substances.