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Introduction of nonionic PAM

Nonionic Polyacrylamide (NPAM)’s molecular weight is between 3,000,000 to 15,000,000, it is generated from Acrylamide homopolymerization, has many advantages such as high purity, low degree of lionization, excellent property and wide usage.
Usage of NPAM:
1. Used as raw material of various modified polyacrylamide. Take anion PAM as example, we can choose different kinds of nonionic polyacrylamide as the raw material depending on their usages to obtain anionic PAM via hydrolysis process.
2.Textile auxiliaries, adding some other chemicals can make chemical pulp, used for textile sizing to improve adhesive property, permeability and desizing performance, make textiles with antistatic property, reduce sizing rate hard size and machine decollation .
3. Used as sewage treatment. In this field, NPAM place an adsorption bridging role, make suspension particle generate flocculation precipitation to achieve the purpose of purifying water, it also can used in water treatment, this product has no toxicity, especially used with inorganic flocculant together, which make water treatment effect better.
4. Put NPAM solution in cross-linking agent, spray in desert and solidify film to defend sand, solid sand. It is an important way in desert management.
5. NPAM has strong hydroscopicity and it can keep the moisture in soil. In dry region, using NPAM to improve soil is a good measurement.
6. Using NPAM and woody fiber together then add some other Chemical auxiliaries, it can be used as oil field plugging agent.
7. Used in Construction, building glue, interior wall paint, etc