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Solubility and composition of sodium polyacrylate

Sodium polyacrylate: colorless transparent water-soluble resin. The molecular weight of a few million.When PH is around 4 easily condensed, PH2.5 nearly dissolved.Easily soluble in aqueous solution of caustic soda, and easily precipitate in the solution of calcium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide.Swelling with water and through a transparent gel to viscous liquid.For metal ions( particularly for iron ion instability) is drug-free. Used in the detergent manufacturing for auxiliaries, It plays the dispersion, agglutination and decontamination role. To use the molecular weight sodium polyacrylate of 8,000 as well.
The Polyacrylic acid sodium is a polymer that dissolved in the water is the true solution. Itself with the charge, can be prompted with a different surface charge of suspended particulates cohesion.It also has active adsorption function of adsorption of suspended particles can be above, make it mutual cohesion to form big flocculation. Therefore, it has clarified, purifying, and promoting settlement, enabling filtering role; due to the particularity of its molecular structure and are widely used in food, pharmaceutical, textile, water treatment, oil chemistry, metallurgy and other industries.
Sodium polyacrylate is the water-soluble macromolecular compound, dissolves in water to form highly viscous transparent solution.The use and role of the flocculant: composite flocculants by two agents of calcium oxide and anionic polyacrylamide.When used in the first two agents dubbed the 5-10% milk of lime and 1 ‰ polyacrylamide solution; and then added to the slurry of lime and stirred thoroughly, and finally added to the slurry of polyacrylamide in aqueous solution and stir. Composite flocculant of the present invention provides low cost, you can accelerate the settlement, improve thickener underflow of particle concentration, filtration job in favour of follow-up, but can reduce the loss of concentrate and reduce environmental pollution.