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Israel scholars has approved that using polyacrylamide can relieve the soil damage which is caused by forest fire

When there is a forest wildfire, the soil often can be eroded quickly. When the forest’s normal vegetation coverage was burned down, soil can't absorb heavy rainfall any more. Thus, it will cause corrodibility runoff and the delay of natural forest regeneration. Several years ago, polyacrylamide PAM is widely used in agricultural field to prevent the soil corrosion. In research of this kind of material, Assaf Inbar who is the post-graduate student of Tel Aviv University Potter environmental college had a test in his own way after the forest wildfire in Israel Birya Forest. Inbar and his team had a polyacrylamide sample test of burnt soil, respectively in the laboratory and under the environment of natural rainfall. Experimental result approved that adding PAM in the burnt soil is more stable than that without adding PAM and it can relieve erosion degree as much as 50%.