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Development Trends of Polyaluminium Chloride

According to the survey, China's annual production of purifying the manufacturers are increasing, and this phenomenon will only continue to rise, however, the current annual production capacity of PAC has reached 35 million tons, accounting for 40% of world production capacity more than growth will only continue to bring inflation, and the annual export volume is also growing, China is now used for purifying agent is the largest country in the world, but will also become a major exporter. Kegao is a great base for the production of various water purifying , manufacturers accounted for eighty percent , like this large-scale production enterprise group in the country rarely , because most smaller companies across the country , more scattered distribution . Therefore, the large area of land enterprise group once discontinued, regional supply and demand pattern will face new adjustments, while the overall market impact will be a series of negative factors and their corporate layout.
First, domestic Polyaluminium Chloride partial adjustment will result in domestic supply and demand imbalance. Thus further negative impact caused by the market speculation, the market swings caused unfavorable stable development of enterprises.
Second, companies have shut down a large area may cause regional metastatic redundant construction. As the local resources, market and other advantages, enterprise integration and after years of development, has formed a stable market channels and rich management experience, as a result of objective factors cause companies to stop production , has been operating for many years considered a mature business is bound to shift outward reconstruction, and the original has been eliminated because some companies will re- enter the market gap in the market , do not rule out metastatic duplication caused by the project launched disorderly situation appears.
Purifying growing manufacturers to promote the product competition, and this can improve the quality of products and business services, and promote social progress, the development of enterprises.