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The Security of Polyacrylamide

Any chemicals in use process, the workers will have great concern for their safety. If you don't understand the performance of the chemical, it will cause irreparable damage probably because of improper operation. Polyacrylamide especially cationic polyacrylamide is very commonly used in every industry of chemical agents, especially in the field of sewage treatment, paper making industry and oil production direction. So, the safety of the polyacrylamide also caused the attention of all kinds of users.

First polyacrylamide itself basic non-toxic, users can rest assured use. A small amount of polyacrylamide enters the body will be out of the body in a short time; will not cause damage to the body. Disintegration of polyacrylamide in water containing residual alkali, repeated exposure will have certain stimulative. State food and drug supervision and management of administration has issued directives to the use of polyacrylamide hydrogel (for injection) warning, limit the application of polyacrylamide in the beauty industry. Polyacrylamide toxicity is from residual acrylamide monomer and the mixed toxic heavy metals in the process of production. So the polyacrylamide in the water content in the health sector has strict rules, generally does not allow more than five over ten thousand - five over one thousand.

Cationic polyacrylamide production process compared with other type of polyacrylamide is relatively complex, toxicity than anionic polyacrylamide and nonionic polyacrylamide, specific validation toxicity level remains to be further research. Our factory production of anionic polyacrylamide, cationic polyacrylamide products in strict accordance with the production specification, high molecular weight, degree of ion specifications and reliable, and is currently the industrial wastewater treatment, paper making, the necessary of flocculating agent, additives such as oil.

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