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Application of Polyacrylamide

1. PAM in water treatment field
PAM for domestic sewage and organic wastewater treatment, PAM distribution or alkaline medium showed a cationic, so that the sewage effluent suspended particles with a negative charge of flocculation, clarification is very effective. Such as the production of grain alcohol wastewater, wastewater, urban sewage treatment plant effluent, wastewater, monosodium glutamate factory waste water, sugar water, organic content wastewater, waste feed, textile printing and dyeing wastewater with cationic polyacrylamide than using anion non-ionic polyacrylamide or inorganic salts effect several times or several times higher, because such waste generally with a negative charge.
2. PAM in petroleum additives
In petroleum additives, Cationic polyacrylamide use in drilling fluide; oil drilling can also use anionic polyacrylamide polymer. PAM is mainly used for drilling mud materials and improves oil recovery rate, etc., widely used in drilling, well completion, cementing, fracturing, strengthening oil field drilling operation, with thickening, fluid loss, flow variable adjustment, gelling, diversion, profile control and other functions.
3. PAM for mining industry
In mining industry ,nonionic polyacrylamide use for gold processing and specialized in Mine; anionic polyacrylamide for detergent using and oilfield coal washing; Anionic Polyacrylamide powder used for mining; polyacrylamide used for coal washing and use in gold smeltery;
4. PAM in Paper making field
PAM is widely used in the papermaking art resident agent, aid, all of the agents. AM used in papermaking effect depends on the activity of an average molecular weight, ionic nature, ionic strength, and other copolymers. Nonionic PAM is mainly used to improve the pulp filtration, increased dry paper strength, improve retention of fiber and filler; anionic copolymer is mainly used for wet and dry paper reinforcing agent and resident agent; cationic copolymer main for papermaking wastewater treatment and help filter effects, in addition to improving filler retention and has a good effect.
5. Polyacrylamide for Edge-water Encroachment Use(PAM As Oil-displacing Agent)
When the oil field is exploited in the petroleum tertiary recovery, if the single injection drive is applied, its fluidity is higher than the crude move, as a result, it lowers the spread efficiency and increases the water consumption, and the water content of the crude oil will be increased. In addition, the oil field is positive rhythm deposition, in which the upper part of the oil layer is rougher than the lower part and the permeability in the lower part is higher than the upper part's. When the single water drive is applied, the oil is driven along the bottom, and large quantity of the crude oil is still retained in the upper part. If PAM is applied, it can improve the spread efficiency, and lower the water content in the crude oil displaced and raise the productive output. Some hydrolysis PAM made in our company is conformed to the requirements in the petroleum tertiary recovery. It can be used according to the features on the oil fields (stratum, mineralization and the viscosity of the polymer solution filled).
6. Others
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