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With registered capital is RMB16 million and more than RMB90million gross investment, Kegao Chemical (APAM & CPAM manufacturer ) was founded in Jan, 1998. Until now, the enterprise has become an enterprise which owns strong R&D ability, production equipments, completed test method. Our enterprises is equipped with advanced production equipment and large environmental protection ,fire facilities, established a complete network management of fire safety as well, safety and environmental measures all meet the Chinese government’s requirements, regulation and standards.
With the accumulation of experience and competitiveness of these years, our annual production of Polyacrylamide has reached 30,000 now, including Anionic Polyacrylamide, Cationic PAM, Non-ionic PAM, Zwitterionic PAM, Low molecule PAM and Super-high molecule PAM,etc. They are widely used in oil field, water treatment, coal washing, ore dressing, and papermaking industry, etc.
Warmly welcome to our company, we hope for your consultation, negotiation and cooperation!
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